MECC / webdev

Restructure Email distribution list

Forward Brad’s emails to me
Change my email to webdev@

Email Marketing

Follow-up communication
Start using MailChimp: Paying for accounts that aren’t being used.


Can we export ALL of our campaigns with stats?
Export all lists?

Simplistic segments: Checklist

Are we shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada?
Fill weights AND Shipping weights
We can promote on Social once it airs on East Coast

Out of Stock emails

Who takes the initiative to execute these products? Katrina


Account is up for renewal

Brand Registration
Advertising Campaigns
Amazon Maketing Professionals / Patrick
Change log-in credentials from infodesk@TCG


Weekly Spend?
When do we pull the plug on on low ROi?

Universal Site

Schedule – Ryan & Nicole

UN / PW’s

Log-in for all websites. Change to webdev@
Add Liv to webdev@
Clean transfer before you leave!
Update all Brad’s PWs
Company CreditCard

Microsoft Excel – Take Brad’s license?

GWP Promotion process

Store Locator – CSV files

[email protected]

Email lists = Take time to clean up. More than “just a few minutes”


Google: Analytics, Contacts and Docs – Connected as [email protected]
Inform sales team about Unsubscribes and Bounced for wholesale
set up Workflows (give the team all the options for these workflows)